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Maths Facts

Revise 5 x and 10 x tables. Try to do a mix of sums.

Challenge - try a few like this  (5x8) + 3 =

                                      (10x7) - 6 =



Investigate Half and Quarter of a Number

Use any objects eg. pieces of lego or pasta.

Put out 4 - Make 2 equal sets. How many are in each set?

Put out 4 - Make 4 equal sets. How many are in each set?


Now see what happens when you use

8    12    16    20    24    28


Rocket Rounding

Go to the Top Marks Maths website.

Search for Rocket Rounding.

You can practise your skills, rounding to the nearest 10 or 100.


Quarter past and to the hour

Use the worksheet links at the bottom of the page to complete the clocks. Think about where the hour hand and the minute hand should go. Think about the digital times.


Number of the Day

Choose a number between 20 and 100 to show in lots of different ways. Words, tens and units, coins, even or odd, +10, -10, tally. 

Try with some numbers between 100 and 500. This time you will need to use hundreds, tens and units. (A tally might take too long!)