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Here is a reminder of our reading groups -


Parrots -       Cairo, Luca, Jake, Tehya, Rebekah, Lucia

Robins -        Annie, Ryan, Rubi

Swans -        Tia, Evie, Ellie-Rose, Jack, Kiera

Crows-          Ivy, Layla, Olivia, Janna, Harry S

Flamingos -  Harry H, Dakota, Jessica, Colton, Baylee

Penguins -   Sophia, Will

Ducks -         Lily, Leah, Carter

Parrots -         Rocky Runs Away

                        Wallace and Gromit: A Runaway Success


Robins -          The Sarah Jane Adventures, Painting Peril

                        The Adventures of Sinbad, Monkeys and Monsters


Swans -            Blood Buns and Scarecrows

                         Sick as a Parrot


Crows -            When Animals Attack

                         Stop That Dog!


Flamingos -     Wallace and Gromit and the Autochef

                         Creepy Crawlies


Penguins -       The Mermaids and the Dolphin

                          Prof. Toff's Zoo


Ducks -             Eco Ape Uses Rubbish