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P6 Literacy 11th February

Collective nouns

Let's build our vocabulary and improve our knowledge of collective nouns in today's activities


This week we are looking at the "ary", "ery" and "ory" endings (see Tuesday's Literacy page).  For today's activity, practise spelling the more difficult words from your "Words for Sorting" page ahead of tomorrow's dictation.


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Main activity

Today we are going to revise collective nouns.  Collective nouns are nouns that refer to a collection or group of multiple people, animals, or things

e.g. a shoal of fish, a bunch of bananas, a litter of pups

For today's main activity, we are going to look once again at some of the collective nouns we learned about in term one and extend our vocabulary by introducing some new ones.


Remember that, for certain groups of animals or of people, there may be more than one possible answer

e.g. a flock of chickens or a brood of chickens - both of these collective nouns are correct.


Sometimes the collective noun helps us to picture what the animals or people are doing or it depends on the size of the group.

e.g. if bees are flying around, we would talk about "a swarm of bees" but if they are inside their home, we would talk about "a hive of bees"

e.g. "an army of soldiers" is a larger group than "a regiment of soldiers" because an army is usually made up of different regiments.


Watch today's video where Mr Coetzee introduces the tasks and then download the task for your level.

Time for some fun

To finish today's Literacy tasks, try playing the Octopus Feed game!   This is a fun game in which you need to feed the octopus with Homophnes! Who can be top of the leaderboard?