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P6 Literacy 11th March

Follow-up comprehension activities 11th March

Today's activities are based on yesterday's comprehension texts - "A Martian Comes to Stay" and "Dragon Breath"


This week we are looking at the "f" sound (see Tuesday's Literacy page).  For today's activity, practise spelling the more difficult words from your "Words for Sorting" page ahead of tomorrow's dictation.


Don't forget to log in to BugClub to do your daily reading please!  If you can't remember your log-in details, please email your teacher.

Main activity

Today we are going to take another look at yesterday's comprehension passages and do a follow-up activity.  Before you begin, listen to either Mrs Bell or Mr Coetzee reading the story one more time please.

A Martian Comes to Stay comprehension - higher level passage

Join Mrs Bell as she reads "A Martian Comes to Stay". (Key Comprehension 3 Unit 8)

A Martian comes to stay- higher level task


Yesterday we read about how Peter met a Martian while on holiday staying at his Gran's house. Certainly an interesting start to his holiday!  Today your task is to 'step into Peter's shoes' and, on a blank page, write a letter from Peter to his parents, telling them what has happened so far at Gran's house. Remember to include lots of detail and use lots of descriptive words to show how excited he is.  Check your letter carefully for spelling, punctuation and then email it to your teacher.


Then, to finish, have some fun and use your creative skills to draw a picture of what you think the Martian's spaceship looks like.  Write a brief description of all the gadgets the spaceship has, inside and out.

Dragon Breath comprehension - lower level passage

Join Mr Coetzee as he reads "Dragon Breath". (Key Comprehension 2 Unit 10)

Dragon Breath - lower level task


Yesterday we read about Snap who was trying his very best to breathe fire but could not, however much he practised. For today’s written task, you can choose to do either task one or task two. 

  • Task 1 You could pretend you are Vera who keeps a diary and you are writing about Snap being unhappy: or
  • Task 2  You could write a short story about a dragon who can breathe fire who helps someone by breathing fire at the right time.

Download the sheet below for today's task.  Don't forget to draw a picture at the bottom of the page showing what you think Snap would look like when he learns to breathe fire.


Why not get some tips for drawing your dragon by clicking on the link below and follow artist Rob's step by step instructions with this Draw With Rob tutorial:


If you want, you could draw a bigger dragon by using a blank page.


Don't forget to email your work and drawing to your teacher.

Time for some fun!

On Tuesday we were looking at synonyms (words with similar meanings).  Try playing this pelmanism (matching) game to see if you can spot the pairs of synonyms!