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P6 Literacy 12th February

Vocabulary builder!

Today's activities focus on developing our vocabulary.

Linguistic phonics - "ary", "ery", "ory" ending

It's Friday so it's dictation day!  Download the dictation page for your group and then ask an adult to read out the sentences on the answer page.  As they read out each sentence (at least two or three times please), fill in the missing words.  Good luck!

Don't forget to spend at least 15 minutes each day doing some reading please!  You should be aiming to finish at least 1 book from your BugClub library every week.  Click here to log in to your BugClub account.

Main activity

Let's finish our week with some vocabulary work!  Watch the video with Mr Coetzee to find out more.


For the higher level vocabulary work we are looking at more interesting and descriptive verbs to use instead of  'ate' and 'went'. Some verbs may be able to be used in more than one sentence but your task is to find the one that is best suited to the sentence.


For the lower level work you are looking for the odd word out as well as unscrambling and rearranging letters to form words that fit the sentences.

Extension task

Let's revise plural nouns with this "Bumper Boat Bash" game.  Think about the spelling rules for plurals e.g. do I add -s, add -es, change y to i and then add -es, change f to v and then add -es?  Click on the correct answer from three possible answers and see if your boat can finish the race in first place!

Play Live Words!

It's your last chance to get your name onto this week's leaderboard!  Will Olivia finish the week as our champion?  Head to Education City and give it your best shot!  Good luck!