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P6 Literacy 12th January

Linguistic phonics - "u" sound

Find out how to complete this week's phonics activities


This week's sound is "u" e.g. umpire, trouble, flood


Download this week's PowerPoint to find out more about the "u" sound.  Then download this week's "Words for Sorting" (choose either the higher level or the lower level) and the "Phonics - homework tasks" worksheet.


We are going to follow the same pattern as we would normally do in school so...


Tuesday  Today I have to sort the words on my list to find out which words contain the same spelling of the target sound.

Wednesday  Today I use some of my words to write sentences (at least four sentences).

Thursday  Decide which spellings are hard to remember and find a way to learn them.


On Friday you can ask an adult to test you on this week's spellings.

Main task


Today we are continuing to look at the comprehension texts that we started yesterday.

You don't need to print out any additional pages - please use the comprehension text from yesterday.  Watch today's video for your group and then answer the comprehension questions to the best of your ability.  The answers can also be downloaded.


If you have chosen the Higher Level comprehension, please watch the video for "Ladislao Biro"

If you have chosen the Lower Level comprehension, please watch the video for "The Smallest Bird and the Largest Bird in the World".

Ladislao Biro comprehension Lesson 2

Today we are answering the questions about Ladislao Biro and his famous invention. Text from Key Comprehension 3 Unit 9 (Ginn)

Smallest bird and Largest bird comprehension Lesson 2

Today we are answering the questions about the smallest and largest birds in the world. Text from Key Comprehension 2 Unit 7 (Ginn)

Extension tasks

Ladislao Biro

The biro pen is named after its inventor Ladislao Biro.  Can you find out the full names of the people who gave their names to the following discoveries and inventions?

  • Braille
  • cardigan
  • Morse code
  • sandwich


The Smallest Bird and the Largest Bird in the World

Read the passage again and complete these sentences.

  1. The humming bird is just like _______________________________________________.
  2. Most other birds are like ___________________________________________________.
  3. An ostrich is as tall as _____________________________________________________.
  4. It can run as fast as _______________________________________________________.