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P6 Literacy 15th January

Homophones revision Lesson 2

Today, after looking at our phonics, we are going to take a homophones quiz and solve a wordsearch puzzle

Linguistic phonics - "u" sound

It's Friday so it's dictation day!  Download the dictation page for your group and then ask an adult to read out the sentences on the answer page.  As they read out each sentence (at least two or three times please), fill in the missing words.  Good luck!

Have you finished at least one book on BugClub this week?  And answered the quizzes?  Log in and keep developing those all-important reading skills!

Main activity


Today we are going to take another look at homophones.

Remember, homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and different meanings e.g. blue and blew.


Begin by heading to EducationCity where you can use the "A-Boat Time 2" Learn Screen and Activity as a quick warm-up.


For the first part of today's written activity, download the "Homophones revision quiz 15-1-21" (all groups) and use the clues to help you choose the correct homophone from each set.  If you are not sure about the meaning of a word, please don't guess!  Look the word up in your dictionary.


Once you've finished that quiz, download the "Homophones wordsearch 15-1-21" (all groups).  The answers from today's first activity have been placed in a wordsearch.  How quickly can you find them all?!