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P6 Literacy 1st February

Antonyms Lesson 3

Today we are using the prefix "dis" to form opposites e.g. the opposite of appear is disappear.

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 Starter activity

To begin today's Literacy tasks, let's revise last week's learning about antonyms (words which are opposite in meaning)

e.g. wet - dry         natural - artificial         forget - remember

Try playing the Furious Frogs game!   Compete against other players or the computer to see who can match the most pairs of antonyms before your time runs out!  Furious Frogs - click here to start playing!


Main activity

Today we are creating antonyms (words which are opposite in meaning) by adding the prefix dis

e.g.  the opposite of agree is disagree

        the opposite of advantage is disadvantage

Watch today's video and then choose one of the two levels below.  Write out your answers on a page and please be careful with your spelling and punctuation!

Extension activity

"dis" is just one example of a prefix.  Other prefixes include "mis", "re", "un", "in", "im" and "non". 


Can you think of a suitable prefix to put in front of each of these words so that the word now has the opposite meaning?

  1. visible - 
  2. happy - 
  3. possible - 
  4. sense - 
  5. behave - 

Your teacher would love to see today's work so please email a photograph of your written activities to

Mrs Bell   

Mr Coetzee

Mr Massey

Time for some fun!

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