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P6 Literacy 20th January

Homonyms introduction

Homonyms are words which sound the same and have the same spelling but have different meanings


This week we are looking at the "s" sound (see Tuesday's Literacy page).  For today's activity, choose some of your words and put them into sentences of your own (at least four sentences please).


Don't forget to log in to BugClub to do your daily reading please!  If you can't remember your log-in details, please email your teacher.

Main activity

Today we are starting our work on homonyms. 

Homonyms are words that sound the same and are spelled the same but which have different meanings


e.g. trip can mean to fall over or a short journey


       right can mean correct or the opposite of left

Homonyms are often used in jokes, for example,


Log in to EducationCity and use the "On a Wing and a Mare" activity to practise using homonyms.


Then download the "50 Homonym puzzles 20-1-21" PowerPoint and see who can be the first person in your house to work out the answers!

For today's written task, download one of the worksheets below.  Use the words in the word box to complete the sentences.  The same word must be used to complete each pair of sentences.

Extension activity

Write eight sentences of your own on the back of your page showing how each of these words can have two different meanings.

              trunk            can              duck                   last