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P6 Literacy 21st January

Alphabetical order and vocabulary activities

Put a selection of words into alphabetical order and develop a wider vocabulary


This week we are looking at the "s" sound (see Tuesday's Literacy page).  For today's activity, practise spelling the more difficult words from your "Words for Sorting" page ahead of tomorrow's dictation.


Don't forget to log in to BugClub to do your daily reading please!  If you can't remember your log-in details, please email your teacher.

Main activity

Let's warm-up for today's activities with a PlayLive Words challenge!  Log in to EducationCity, find this week's Homework City and select PlayLive Words.   At the minute, Lucy is at the top of our school leaderboard with a fantastic score of 71!  Will she still be top by the end of the day?


For today's written activity, we are going to revise alphabetical order and do some work on extending our vocabulary.  Download the activity for your group and do your best! 

  • For your alphabetical order activity, it would be a good idea to write out the alphabet at the top or bottom of your page before you start.
  • For your vocabulary activity, use a dictionary to find out the meaning of each word.