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P6 Literacy 22nd February

"The Marine Iguana" comprehension

Today we are answering questions based on clips from the BBC's "A Perfect Planet" series

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Starter activity

Let's begin by playing a spelling game!  Look carefully at the grid below.  How many words can you create using the letters in this grid?  Choose your level and aim to create at least 10 words.  What is the longest word you can create?  Challenge someone else in your house to see who can create the longest word!


Main activity

Have you been watching the BBC series "A Perfect Planet"?  Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, it features amazing animals and plants which have adapted to suit their habitats.


For today's comprehension activity, we are going to watch a short clip about marine iguanas and then answer a series of questions based on this clip before completing a research task.  Watch today's video where Mrs Bell explains what to do.


To begin this activity, watch the video below to learn more about marine iguanas.  You may find it useful to click on the CC button to bring up the subtitles for this clip.

The Marine Iguana | A Perfect Planet | BBC Earth

This sea-diving lizard only has limited time to search for food before his muscles seize up.

Then it's time to download your comprehension activity so choose your level and read through all of the questions.  You will need to watch the video clip again (probably at least two or three times) to find the answers to your questions - this is not a memory test and please don't guess the answers!

Once you've answered the questions, it is time for your research task.

Watch "The Unsinkable Lizard" clip below to learn about a different reptile – the pygmy gecko.  Write down four or five key facts which you learn about this tiny Amazonian creature.

The Unsinkable Lizard | A Perfect Planet | BBC Earth

This little pygmy gecko has an amazing superpower that helps it survive in the wet season.

Time for some fun!

Why don't you finish today's Literacy tasks with some art!  In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a really cool iguana!

How To Draw An Iguana

Follow along with us and learn how to draw a really cool iguana!