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P6 Literacy 25th January

Speech marks Lesson 2

Today we are practising adding speech marks to direct speech

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If you can't remember your username, please email your teacher.  Your password is Brooklands (with a capital B) and the school code is hwpa.

Main activity

Today we are going to think once again about speech marks (sometimes called inverted commas).  Watch today's Literacy video first to find out what to do!


Then head to the BBC Bitesize section on "Writing Direct Speech" and watch the videos, take the quiz and have a go at their activities.


Next, head to EducationCity where you can take another look at the "Be a Good Sport 2" Learn Screen to find out more.


Then it's time for your written activity so download one of the Speech Marks activities below. 


Begin by reading through each sentence and decide which words are the spoken words.  It would be a good idea to highlight these words using a colouring pencil or highlighter.

Then copy out each sentence and add speech marks at the beginning and end of the spoken words. Be careful to include all of the other punctuation marks such as capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks, etc.


To finish today's Literacy tasks, why don't you head back to EducationCity and have another go at Play Live Words?

Last week's scores on our school leaderboard were incredible - well done!  The scores reset every week so who will feature in our Brooklands' Top 10 at the end of this week?  Good luck!