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P6 Literacy 26th February

Newsdesk challenge!

Head to the Newsdesk webpage to complete today's task which is all about NASA's Mission to Mars!

Linguistic phonics - "sure/ture" ending

It's Friday so it's dictation day!  Download the dictation page for your group and then ask an adult to read out the sentences on the answer page.  As they read out each sentence (at least two or three times please), fill in the missing words.  Good luck!

Don't forget to spend at least 15 minutes each day doing some reading please!  You should be aiming to finish at least one book from your BugClub library every week.  Click here to log in to your BugClub account.

Who has been on NewsDesk recently?


NewsDesk have been in contact and would love to see more Brooklands pupils engaged with them again.  For our Literacy today we are going to challenge our P6s to see if any of you can get your comment displayed on the front page of NewsDesk!  To achieve this, you will have to make sure you write a detailed comment giving your opinion. Give reasons to justify your ideas and make sure your punctuation and spelling are spot on!


Can you remember how to get onto NewsDesk? 

Now find the story on the Front Page or NewsBank entitled "Mission to Mars"

Read and listen to how the American space agency NASA has successfully landed its unmanned Perseverance rover robot in a deep crater called Jezero.  Complete the two activities based on this news article and then submit a comment.  It's important to justify your opinion e.g. " I think ___________ because __________________." 


Don't forget to check your punctuation and spelling before submitting your comment!  This will help to get your comment published.

Extension challenge!

Can you complete this research task and create a factfile about one of the planets in our solar system?

The "Planets for Kids" website would be a good place to start! Click on the picture below to go straight to the website.

Planets For Kids - Solar System Facts and Astronomy

Time for some fun

To finish today's Literacy tasks, try playing the Koala Paddleboard game!   This is a fun game in which you need to think abut your spelling of words. Who can be top of the leaderboard?

Play Live Words!

It's your last chance to get your name onto this week's leaderboard!  Will Jude finish the week as our champion?  Head to Education City and give it your best shot!  Good luck!