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P6 Literacy 26th January

Antonyms Lesson 2

Words which are opposite in meaning are known as antonyms e.g. solid and hollow


This week's sound is "l" e.g. lips, handle, petrol, normal


Download this week's PowerPoint to find out more about the "l" sound.  Then download this week's "Words for Sorting" (choose either the higher level or the lower level) and the "Phonics - homework tasks" worksheet.


We are going to follow the same pattern as we would normally do in school so...


Tuesday  Today I have to sort the words on my list to find out which words contain the same spelling of the target sound.

Wednesday  Today I use some of my words to write sentences (at least four sentences).

Thursday  Decide which spellings are hard to remember and find a way to learn them.


On Friday you can ask an adult to test you on this week's spellings.

Main activity

Today we are taking another look at antonyms (words which are opposite in meaning).  Watch today's video and then choose one of the two levels below.  Write out your answers on a page and please be careful with your spelling and punctuation!

Extension task

Get yourself a piece of paper and a pencil and then set the stopwatch on your phone or tablet to 30 seconds.   How many different antonyms (opposites) can you think of for each of these words?  Give yourself 30 seconds for each word.  Why don't you challenge an adult in your house to see who can find the most antonyms?


easy           slow          hot          walk


Your teacher would love to see today's work so please take some photographs and email them to us!

Try to find at least 15 minutes every day to do some reading please.  There are lots of excellent books in your BugClub library so find a quiet space, log in to and get lost in a book!

PlayLive Words

Oh my goodness, the scores on PlayLive Words yesterday were amazing!  Jeydhel and Ivan, absolutely outstanding work, well done!  Don't forget to have another go today please!