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P6 Literacy 29th January

Speech marks Lesson 3

Imagine listening in to a parent-teacher meeting where the conversation is all about you! What would your teacher be saying?!

Linguistic phonics - "l" sound

It's Friday so it's dictation day!  Download the dictation page for your group and then ask an adult to read out the sentences on the answer page.  As they read out each sentence (at least two or three times please), fill in the missing words.  Good luck!

Don't forget to spend at least 15 minutes each day doing some reading please!  Click here to log in to your BugClub account.

Main activity

Today we are thinking once more about speech marks (sometimes called inverted commas).

In part one of today's task, imagine that you are listening in to a parent-teacher meeting where the teacher (whose name is Mr McClean) is talking to Jemima's mum (Mrs Jones).


Download the "Parent-Teacher Meeting" worksheet and read through their conversation.   Can you work out which words are spoken?  To complete this first task:

  • use a highlighter or colouring pencil to highlight the spoken words
  • on a page, copy out the conversation and include speech marks just before and just after the spoken words
  • check that you have included all the necessary capital letters and punctuation e.g. full stops, commas, question marks, apostrophes, etc.

Then, in part two, we want you to imagine that it's time for your teacher to talk to your Mum or Dad! 


What do you think your teacher might say about you?  Is there anything that your Mum or Dad would like to tell your teacher?  Is there a particular subject where you are doing brilliantly or where you need some extra support?  I'm sure that the conversation would be very positive because, of course, you are a star pupil!


On page two, write out the conversation and don't forget to put speech marks around the spoken words and use the necessary punctuation.


When you're finished, please take a photograph of today's work and email it to your teacher!

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