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P6 Literacy 4th February

Non-chronological reports Lesson 2

Today we will be interviewing an adult before writing our own non-chronological reports!


This week we are looking at the "i" sound (see Tuesday's Literacy page).  For today's activity, practise spelling the more difficult words from your "Words for Sorting" page ahead of tomorrow's dictation.


Don't forget to log in to BugClub to do your daily reading please!  If you can't remember your log-in details, please email your teacher.

Main activity

Last Wednesday you wrote your first non-chronological report about one of our P6 teachers and, my goodness, you did a wonderful job!  Mr Coetzee, Mr Massey and Mrs Bell really enjoyed reading your finished reports and it was great to see that you had followed the given structure.


We write non-chronological reports to give people information about a particular subject.  If you didn't manage to do last week's activity, click here to watch last Wednesday's video to see how Mrs Bell wrote a non-chronological report about Harry Potter (available to download below)


A non-chronological report MUST follow a particular structure:

  • Begin with a title - who or what is your report about (the subject)?
  • Introduction - keep this short - a key fact about the subject.
  • Use facts that you have researched and organise them into sections.
  • Give each section a sub-heading (mini title - what is this section about?)
  • Write in full sentences (not in note form) and include capital letters and punctuation.
  • Finish with a conclusion (a final statement)


Today we would like you to write a non-chronological report about someone you know such as your mum or dad, a grandparent, a family friend, etc.  You will be interviewing this person (asking them questions) before writing your report so choose someone who either lives in your house or who you are allowed to phone or videocall. 


Watch today's video where Mr Coetzee will show you what to do.  You will then need to download a "Non-chronological report blank interview form" so that you can interview your chosen adult and write down their answers in note form. 


In the empty section at the bottom of the interview form,  ask the person you are interviewing some questions about something else that interests them e.g. a job,  a famous person that they once met, anything at all!   


Once you've gathered your facts about this person, download the "Non-chronological report template" and have a go at writing a non-chronological report all about them.  Don't forget to follow the structure!


Remember, you do not need to include all of the information on the page so choose wisely!


When you've finished, proof-read your work to check

  • that it makes sense: and
  • your spelling and punctuation

and then please take a photograph of your finished report and email it to your teacher.

Time for some fun

To finish today's Literacy tasks, try playing the Word Invasion game!   This is a fun game in which you need to think quickly about parts of speech. Who can be top of the leaderboard?