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P6 Literacy 4th March

Book Week Day 4 - actions and feelings

It's the day of Barnaby the donkey's race against the Crazy Cossacks! How is Jackie feeling and acting?

Welcome to World Book Day!

Thursday 4th March

World Book Day has officially arrived! 

  • Join your class this afternoon for today's Zoom meetings - P6B at 2pm, P6C at 3pm and P6M at 4pm.  Email your teacher by 1pm today please to receive your invitation.  Bring along a copy of your favourite book and we would love for you to either read us a section using "Extreme Expression" or simply tell us why you love this book.  You'll also need some paper and a pencil for a few quiz questions!
  • Join us on our YouTube channel at 10.00am for our Brooklands World Book Day assembly and find out the identity of our special guests! 
  • Then, at 11.30am, come back for our Storytelling Special where you can listen to more stories read by Brooklands members of staff.

Also today, you could  

  • think about your entry for our "Extreme Expression" competition.  Choose an interesting passage from a book and practise reading it aloud in your most interesting voice.  Once you've perfected it, ask an adult to video your performance and send it to the school WhatsApp number.  All the details are on the Brooklands Book Week page.
  • start thinking about our P6 Story Swap.  Tomorrow (Friday), we will be asking you to do a virtual Story Swap with a friend or relative where you share your favourite stories by FaceTime or video call.  Decide who you would like to read to and then why don't you arrange a time to call this person tomorrow?  Perhaps they would like to read to you as well?


This week we are looking at the "u-e" sound (see Tuesday's Literacy page).  For today's activity, practise spelling the more difficult words from your "Words for Sorting" page ahead of tomorrow's dictation.


Don't forget to log in to BugClub to do your daily reading please!  If you can't remember your log-in details, please email your teacher.

Main activity

This week's P6 Literacy tasks are based around "Mister Skip" by Michael Morpurgo.  Each day, Mrs Bell will read one chapter of the book with you.  You can read along with her because all of the words are also on the screen.  Then we will complete our written activities based on an excerpt from that chapter.  Today we are reading Chapter 4 and then thinking about Jackie's feelings and actions as she prepares to ride Barnaby the donkey in the horse race.

Mister Skip Chapter 4

"In which Barnaby goes to the Saturday races" Excerpt from "Mr Skip" by Michael Morpurgo

Don't forget to join us for our P6 Zoom meetings this afternoon!

All the details are at the top of this page - email your teacher no later than 1pm please!

P6B at 2pm

P6C at 3pm

P6M at 4pm

Time for some fun!

Yesterday we were revising the different parts of speech e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.  Try playing this "Word Invasion" game to sharpen your skills!