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P6 Literacy 6th January

Speech marks Lesson 1

"It's time to revise speech marks!" said Mrs Bell.

Today's Literacy task revises one of your P5 topics - speech marks and punctuation! 


Watch Mrs Bell's video where she reminds us about speech marks (sometimes called inverted commas).

Next, head to EducationCity where you can use the "Be a Good Sport 2" Learn Screen to find out more and then try the "Pitch Perfect" activity to practise your punctuation skills!


Then it's time for your written activity so download the Speech Marks activity below. 


Begin by reading through each sentence and decide which words are the spoken words.  It would be a good idea to highlight these words using a colouring pencil or highlighter.

Then copy out each sentence on the line below and add speech marks at the beginning and end of the spoken words. Be careful to include all of the other punctuation marks such as capital letters, full stops, commas, etc.



In the final section, none of the punctuation has been included!  Can you rewrite each sentence and add all the missing punctuation?


If you don't have access to a printer, don't worry!  You could write your answers out on a piece of paper or type them into a Word document or even just discuss them with an adult!   To check your answers, download the answer document below.

It's so important to do some reading each day!  Don't forget to login to BugClub where you can read this week's book plus revisit some of the books you've already read.

If you can't remember your username, please email your teacher.  Your password is Brooklands (with a capital B) and the school code is hwpa.