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P6 Numeracy 10th February

Warm-up activity

Let's begin by practising our short division calculations!  Download the "Division warm-up activity" and try to complete at least one level.  If you choose the red level, try to complete your calculations without any extra help!  If you choose the black or blue level, do as much as you can on your own and then use the Division Facts handout if you are stuck.

Remember, it's really important to keep going over your division facts so don't forget to revise them on a regular basis please.

Decimals - tenths Lesson 4

Today we are learning how to subtract decimal fractions and then using a calculator for our final challenge.

Main activity

This week we have been looking at decimal fractions and yesterday we learned how to add decimal fractions together.  If you have missed any of our decimals lessons so far, head to our YouTube channel and watch the previous lessons please.


Today's lesson is all about subtraction.  Watch today's video where Mrs Bell shows you how to set out your subtraction calculations and then download one of the activities below.

Extension task

For this activity, you will need a calculator (find the calculator app on your phone, table or PC).

Some boats have been sailing three laps each around a course but they have picked up penalties along the way for which they will lose points.  Using your calculator, subtract the penalties from each boat's race points to work out their score for each lap and then add to find the total score after all three laps.


The winner is the boat with the highest total score.  Which boat is the overall winner?

Reasoning activity

For today's reasoning activity we are thinking about money!  Remember, these reasoning questions are all about thinking and applying our knowledge of Maths so have a go!

Have you visited the Prodigy site yet this week?  Head there now and see if you can build up your points by tackling some of the challenges!  Good luck!