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P6 Numeracy 11th February

Perimeter Lesson 1

Let's revise our P4 and P5 learning as we practise measuring the distance around the outside of a shape.

Warm-up activity

Let's begin by practising adding and subtracting decimals! 

Download the "Division addition and subtraction warm-up" and do your best to complete each calculation.  If you're writing out the questions on a page, remember to keep your decimal points in a straight line and don't forget to place a decimal point in each answer please.

Main activity

Last week we were learning about area.  Area measures the amount of surface covered by a shape.


Today we are going to revise perimeter. Perimeter measures the distance around the outside of a shape.


Watch today's video where Mrs Bell reminds us how to find the perimeter of a rectangle or square and then have a go at today's written activities.

Extension task

Download the "Squared page template".  Using a ruler, can you draw three different rectangles which each have a perimeter of 30cm? Remember, (length + breadth) X 2 = perimeter.


Once you've drawn your three rectangles, calculate the area of each rectangle.  Remember, area = length X breadth.  Do all three rectangles have the same area or are they different?

Reasoning task

Time for another money challenge!  Get your Thinking Cap on and see if you can work out the answers to these challenges!

Play Live Maths!

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