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P6 Numeracy 11th January

Direction and turning Lesson 1

Find out how to complete a Money Grid and then we are learning how to make journeys involving compass directions.

Mental Maths warm-up

It's time to warm-up our Maths brains and today's activity is all about money.


Download the Money Grids challenge and look carefully at the coins in each grid.  Add the different coins across each row and write the total amount in the empty space at the left-hand side.  Once you've completed each row, now look at each column.  Add the different coins going down each column and write the total amount in the empty space at the top of the column. 

If you find this difficult, gather together a selection of different coins, choose 2 or 3 at random and practise adding them together to get the total amount. 

Main activity

Today we are going to look at Shape and Space and think about direction and turning.   Find out what to do by watching today's video!

Reasoning activity

To finish today's lesson, have a go at our reasoning challenge!  We are thinking about Venn diagrams and division today.