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P6 Numeracy 12th February

Area and Perimeter challenge!

It's Valentine's Day on Sunday so can you find the area and perimeter of the letters in the word LOVE?

Warm-up activity

For today's warm-up, we are using our mental maths skills to do some addition.  Download the "Next-door Numbers warm-up"  (choose the higher or lower level), add the two next-door numbers together and write the total above.  Try to do the working-out in your head if possible but, if necessary, write out your calculations or use a 100-square to help you.

heartMain activityheart

It's Valentine's Day this Sunday so let's do some work on area and perimeter using the word LOVE!


Watch today's video where Mrs Bell will explain today's task and then download the worksheet below.  Once you've finished working out the area and perimeter, why don't you decorate your page? 

Reasoning activity

Today's challenges are all about time!

EducationCity or Prodigy or both?!

How will you finish today's Maths activities?

Will you head to the Prodigy website to practise your skills across the whole Maths curriculum while earning lots of rewards?


Or will it be Education City's Play Live activities that grab your attention today?  See if you can get your name onto one of this week's leaderboards!


Or... why not try both!