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P6 Numeracy 12th January

Direction and turning Lesson 2

Learn how to complete a Magic Square and then think about how compass points relate to angles

Mental Maths warm-up

It's time to warm-up our Maths brains and today we are learning about Magic Squares!


In a Magic Square, we add up the numbers to find the total of each row, column and diagonal but what makes them magical is the fact that every total will be exactly the same.

Watch today's video to learn how to complete a Magic Square and then download the Magic Square challenge activity and try to complete it.  Try to do the calculations in your head but, if you find this difficult, use a 100 square to help you.

Main activity

Today we are going to continue to look at Shape and Space and think about direction and turning.   Find out what to do by watching today's video!

Reasoning activity

For today's challenge, can you find the missing coordinates on a given shape?  Play this Maths Frame game and select either Level 1 or Level 2.