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P6 Numeracy 12th March

Friday = spatial awareness + a chilli challenge!

You'll need to do lots of thinking to solve today's challenges!

Warm-up activity

Who can match and sort shapes? For today's warm-up activity it is a challenge to see who is good at jigsaw puzzles. Can you match the shapes by writing the letters in the correct places? It may not be as easy as you think!


Main activity

Today we would like you to choose one of our Chilli Challenge tasks.  There are three separate chilli levels of heat - Mild, Medium and then Super Spicy so how hot are you prepared to go?


There are four separate sections labelled A, B, C and D within each level and, no matter which level you choose, section D is a challenge section.  Do your best, P6!

Reasoning activity

Based on your decimal knowledge do you agree or disagree? Remember to discuss your answers with someone at home.

Head to the Prodigy website to finish today's Maths activities!  All the log in details are on our P6 Home Learning page.