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P6 Numeracy 15th January

Long multiplication revision

Revise how to set out a long multiplication calculation HTU X TU

Mental Maths warm-up

Today's warm-up is all about addition and counting on from a given number.


Download the "Counting grid warm-up challenge 15-1-21".  In each grid, start at the given number and count on in intervals of 5, 2, 4, etc. until you reach the final number.  You should be able to do these addition calculations quickly in your head and look for any patterns in the answers that you are writing down.

Main activity

Today we are going to revise long multiplication.  Being able to complete long multiplication calculations is a really important skill so let's take some time today to make sure that you still remember what we learned last term.


Begin by watching today's Maths video where Mrs Bell reminds us how to set out our working-out.  Then download the "Long multiplication revision 15-1-21" worksheet. 


In Part A, complete the long multiplication questions.  Try to do the working-out mentally but, if there are certain tables that you find harder, use the "Multiplication Tables Factsheet" to help you.


In Part B, the imposters and crewmates are back!  Can you spot the imposters?  When you find them, circle both the imposter(s) and the part of the calculation where they made their mistakes.

In Part C, create two long multiplication questions of your own on the back of your page.  Before you do the working out, decide if they are going to be crewmates or imposters!  There might be one of each or perhaps they are both crewmates or both imposters.  Once you’ve finished, challenge an adult to see if they can sort the crewmates from the imposters!  You could also email your questions to your teacher!

Reasoning activity

For today's reasoning activity, we are thinking about place value. 


Try to find different ways to turn one number into another number

e.g. to turn 74 into 164, we could

  • add 9 tens
  • OR add 90 ones (units)
  • OR add 8 tens and 10 ones
  • OR add 1 hundred and subtract 1 ten

There are lots of other ways to do this question too!