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P6 Numeracy 13th January

Analogue and digital time Lesson 1

Practise telling the time using both analogue and digital clocks

Mental Maths warm-up

It's time to warm-up our Maths brains and today we are going to try an Addition Crossword!


Download the worksheet and use your mental maths skills to work out the answers to the addition questions at the bottom of the page.  Try to do the calculations in your head but, if you find this difficult, use a 100 square to help you.  Then copy the answers into the correct places on the crossword grid.

Main activity

Telling the time on both analogue and digital clocks

Being able to tell the time on both analogue clocks and digital clocks is a really important life skill so, this week, we are going to revise our previous learning.  If telling the time is something that you find hard, then please keep practising over the next few weeks!


Begin by logging in to EducationCity and then open this week's Homework folder.

Use the "Time" Topic Tool to practise telling the time on both analogue and digital clocks - watch today's video to find out more.


If you find it hard to tell the time, concentrate on o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.


If you sometimes find it hard to tell the time, concentrate on 5-minute intervals e.g. 5 minutes past, 20 minutes past, 25 minutes to, 10 minutes to.


If you are confident at telling the time, practice using 1-minute intervals e.g. 12 minutes past, 17 minutes to.

The "Wakey, Wakey" and "Snoozing Time" activities in EducationCity will help you to revise changing the time from analogue to digital and back again.


For today's written activity, download one of the sets of worksheets below.  You will be completing two pages today:

  • page one where you will be drawing the hands on an analogue clock to match the given digital time (don't forget to use a ruler, think carefully about the length of the hands and place the hour hand correctly)
  • page two where you will be reading the time on an analogue clock and changing it into a digital time.

Reasoning activity

For today's challenge, use your logic and reasoning skills to select the correct answers and explain the mistakes.