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P6 Numeracy 18th January

Fractions of an amount Lesson 1

Learn how to find a fraction of an amount by dividing by the denominator

Warm-up activity

This week we are going to revise the four rules of number - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

For today's warm-up, we are practising column addition.  Download the "Addition warm-up challenge 18-1-21" and complete two of the three levels.  If you choose the most difficult level (red), you need to set out the questions yourself before completing your calculations.

Main activity

Today we are going to look once again at fractions and learn how to find a fraction of an amount e.g. half of 18 or one quarter of 28.   Find out what to do by watching today's video!

Now log-in to EducationCity , open this week's homework folder and use the "Track and Field" Learn Screen to find out more about how to find a fraction of an amount.

Then choose your level and download today's task.  Try to do as many questions in your head as you can but, if you get stuck, you could use the "Division facts handout" or use counters/coins/objects to help you do the grouping e.g. to find ½ of 30, get 30 coins and divide them into two equal groups. 


If you are working with larger numbers, write out the question as a short division calculation

e.g. to find ¼ of 352, 

Remember, there should not be any remainders in your final answers today!

Reasoning activity

Today's reasoning challenge is all about rounding!  Remember, 

Prodigy Maths!

Since so many of you enjoyed playing Prodigy Maths in P5, we have signed you all up for new accounts for P6!  Unfortunately, your P5 accounts have expired so you can't use your details from last year.

Click here to go back to our P6 Home Learning page and scroll down to find:

  • the link to the Prodigy Maths website
  • the instructions for logging in
  • your username and password (click on the photographs to enlarge them)

After playing for about 30mins or so, the game will adapt to your level of ability.


Today we would like you to begin playing Prodigy, choose your character, etc. and have some fun!  Aim to play for at least 15mins every day and this will really help you in all of your Maths activities in P6!