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P6 Numeracy 19th January

Fractions of an amount Lesson 2

Learn how to complete our tri-jigsaw puzzle and answer some "Would you rather....?" questions

Warm-up activity

This week we are revising the four rules of number - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

For today's warm-up, we are practising column subtraction.  Download the "Subtraction warm-up challenge 19-1-21" and complete at least one of the three levels.  If you choose the most difficult level (red), you need to set out the questions yourself before completing your calculations.

Main activity

Watch today's video to find out how to complete today's tasks please!  We are looking at how to find a fraction of an amount and there is a main task and an extension challenge.

For your main task, you are going to complete a tri-jigsaw.  Choose your level and then work out the answers to each question and cut out the triangles.  Place the triangles edge to edge on the grid with matching questions and answers touching each other.  Once you've placed all of the triangles, get a gluestick and stick each triangle down onto the grid.

For your extension challenge, download the extension task below.  We are going to think about some real-life examples.

  • In part A, work out the fractions of the different amounts of money and circle the larger amount.
  • In part B, use your knowledge of fractions to calculate the answers to these questions.

Reasoning challenge

Today's reasoning challenges are all about rounding to the nearest 10 or 100.

Prodigy Maths!

Did you start playing Prodigy yesterday?  We can see that lots of you logged in and you've made an excellent start - well done!  If you didn't have time yesterday, why don't you start now?  

Unfortunately, your P5 accounts have expired so you can't use your details from last year.


Click here to go back to our P6 Home Learning page and scroll down to find:

  • the link to the Prodigy Maths website
  • the instructions for logging in
  • your username and password (click on the photographs to enlarge them)

After playing for about 30mins or so, the game will adapt to your level of ability.


Remember, aim to play for at least 15mins every day and this will really help you in all of your Maths activities in P6!