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P6 Numeracy 1st February

Area Lesson 1

Let's start by revising what we learnt in P4 and P5!

Warm-up activity

Today's warm-up features lots of emojis!  Each emoji represents a different digit from 0 to 9.  For today's task, we need to use the emoji code to create different TU numbers and then add or subtract these numbers to complete the calculations.

Download the "Emoji Code Breaking warm-up 1-2-21"  activity and do your best to complete each calculation.  Try to do the working-out in your head if possible but, if necessary, write out your calculations or use a 100-square to help you.

Main activity

Today we are going to revise finding the area of a shape.  Watch today's video to revise our P5 learning and then choose one of the tasks below.

Once you've finished your worksheets, why don't you play the "Capture the Island" game against someone in your house?

Print out the game board and the co-ordinate cards and each player will need their own colouring-pencil or crayon (different colours).  Watch today's video to find out how to play the game.

All the instructions are included in the pack and the winner is the player who has the largest total area of captured islands.  Good luck!

Reasoning challenge

For today's reasoning challenge, you have been given a Venn diagram featuring three different sets.  Can you think of a number to put in each section of the Venn diagram?

Prodigy Maths

Have you visited the Prodigy website yet?  Lots of you have been making fantastic progress - well done!


If you haven't started yet, go back to our P6 Home Learning page to find all the details about usernames and passwords and then why don't you begin playing Prodigy today?  Prodigy is great fun and a super way to revise your Maths facts.  It works out what level you are at in Maths and gives you questions set at your level.