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P6 Numeracy 21st January

Time - duration Lesson 1

Counting on in hours and minutes

Warm-up activity

This week we are revising the four rules of number - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

For today's warm-up, we are practising short division.  Download the "Division warm-up challenge 21-1-21" and complete at least one of the three levels. 

Main activity

Yesterday we started looking once again at 12-hour and 24-hour clock.  Log in to EducationCity  and use the Time Bandit Learn Screen and Activity to practise converting between these different clocks.

Then download our "12-hr and 24-hr starter activity".  Each time has been given to you in 12-hr clock (using am or pm) and you need to write the same time in 24-hr clock and in words

e.g.    3.45pm = 15.45 = quarter to 4 in the afternoon




Now we are going to practise counting on in minutes and in hours.  Watch today's video, download your activity and use this Top Marks Teaching Clock to help you work out the answers.  Click on the clock to go straight to the Top Marks website.

Reasoning activity

For today's reasoning challenge, try to work out the number of different ways each addition calculation could be completed.

Wow!  There was lots of fantastic work completed on Prodigy yesterday - well done!

Remember, you can find your username and password on our P6 Home Learning page.

Do try to play every day to keep your Maths skills super sharp.  If you can't get the website to load correctly, try using a different browser.