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P6 Numeracy 22nd January

Sea of Islands activity and Symmetry

Mr Coetzee introduces today's Shape and Space activities

Warm-up activity

This week we have been revising the four rules of number - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Today's warm-up activity is a "Mixed Bag" which means a mixture of all four rules.

Download the worksheet and do your best to complete each calculation.

Main activity

Today we are thinking about Shape and Space.  For the first activity, we are practising following directions and turning.  Download the "Sea of Islands" map and instructions and then watch Mr Coetzee's introductory video to find out what to do!

Then download the "Symmetry challenge", borrow a mirror, get your colouring pencils and have a go at completing the patterns!

Reasoning activity

Today we are thinking about subtracting.  Can you spot the mistakes in some calculations and then fill in the missing digits? 


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