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P6 Numeracy 25th January

Time - duration Lesson 2

Today we are looking at counting back in minutes and in hours

Warm-up activity

For today's warm-up, we are using our mental maths skills to do some addition.  Download the "Next-door Numbers warm-up"  (choose the higher or lower level), add the two next-door numbers together and write the total above.  Try to do the working-out in your head if possible but, if necessary, write out your calculations or use a 100-square to help you.

Main activity

Today we are going to continue with our work on telling the time and think about counting back in minutes and in hours.


Please begin by watching today's Numeracy video where Mrs Bell explains the tasks.  


Then download your activity and use this Top Marks Teaching Clock to help you work out the answers.  Click on the clock to go straight to the Top Marks website.



To finish today's work telling the time, head to the Maths Frame website and try their "Telling the Time" game


You can practise telling the time on both analogue and digital clocks and there are lots of different levels to choose from.

Reasoning activity

Monday's reasoning activity is all about subtraction.  Can you work out the missing digits in each calculation?

Prodigy Maths

Have you visited the Prodigy website yet?  Lots of you made an excellent start last week - well done!


If you haven't started yet, go back to our P6 Home Learning page to find all the details about usernames and passwords and then why don't you begin playing Prodigy today?  Prodigy is great fun and a super way to revise your Maths facts.  It works out what level you are at in Maths and gives you questions set at your level.


From Wednesday we will be adding some questions about time into your Prodigy activities so, before Wednesday, please try to have spent at least 45mins on Prodigy so that your questions are set at the right level.