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P6 Numeracy 26th February

Time - reading a timetable

Today we are practising counting on and back in minutes and in hours and minutes before learning how to read a timetable

Warm-up activity

This week's focus is on our multiplication and division facts so it's time for Day 5 of our Numeracy Ninja challenges!  Every day this week we are going to complete a Numeracy Ninja challenge where all the tables have been mixed up and it is your job to work out the missing number in each calculation.

There are 60 questions to complete each day.


Don't forget to time yourself to see if you can beat yesterday's time!  If you haven't finished after 15 minutes, stop and spend another 5 minutes revising your tables please.

If you choose the higher level challenge, you are looking at all the tables from 2 X to 12 X plus their division facts.

Today's lower level challenge focuses on the 10 X table.  Download the Multiplication Tables Factsheet and spend a couple of minutes practising counting forwards and backwards in 10s and looking at the related division facts.  Then download the 10 X table challenge and try to complete it without any help.  Lots of questions are repeated throughout the worksheet to help to reinforce your learning.

Main activity

Today we are going to focus on time and we will be learning how to read a timetable for a bus or a train.


Watch today's video where Mrs Bell revises 12-hr and 24-hr clock, practises counting forwards and backwards in minutes and in hours and minutes and then looks at how to read a timetable.


Once you've watched the video, go to Education City and use the "Track Training" Learn Screen to go over some of the key facts.

Then download one of the two activities below.  In each level, you need to read the timetable carefully and answer the questions.  If you get stuck, use the TopMarks Teaching Clock to help you.

Once you've completed your written activity, head back to Education City and try the "Vacation, Vacation, Vacation" activity which will test your understanding of timetables.

Extension task!

Can you fill in the missing times on this timetable and then work out which bus I need to get?

Reasoning activity

In today's reasoning challenge we are thinking about lines and shapes.  Don't forget to discuss your answers with an adult please!

EducationCity or Prodigy or both?!

How will you finish today's Maths activities?

Will you head to the Prodigy website to practise your skills across the whole Maths curriculum while earning lots of rewards?


Or will it be Education City's Play Live activities that grab your attention today?  See if you can get your name onto one of this week's leaderboards!


Or... why not try both!