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P6 Numeracy 26th January

Time - duration Lesson 3

Practise counting on and counting back in minutes and in hours and writing our times in both 12-hr and 24-hr clock.

Warm-up activity

Let's begin today by practising our subtraction skills.  A "Difference Pyramid" looks very like yesterday's "Next-door Numbers" activity but, instead of adding, we have to find the difference (subtract) between the two numbers which are side-by-side and write the answer in the circle above.

Watch today's Numeracy video to see Mrs Bell complete the first pyramid and then download one of the two levels below.

Main activity

For today's written activities, we are going to revise 

  • converting from 12-hr clock to 24-hr clock and vice versa; and
  • counting on and counting back in minutes and in hours.

Watch today's video to go over these topics with Mrs Bell and then try the activities below.


The first task is for all ability levels.  Download this worksheet and practise converting between 12-hr and 24-hr clock.  You can download the "12-hr and 24-hr clock poster" to help you and the Teaching Clock (Topmarks) is also very useful

Then download your second task.  For the lower level, we are going to practise adding on in minutes and in hours and showing the answer in 12-hr clock, in 24-hr clock and as an analogue clock.   For the higher level, we are going to put a series of events in chronological order and consider which events are happening at a given time.

To finish today's work on telling the time, head back to the Maths Frame website and try this game!

In this game we are trying to work out the start time of different events.  Click on the picture to go straight to the game and choose your level.  

Reasoning activity

Try to work out the missing numbers in these balance sums!

Prodigy Maths!

Did you manage to spend at least 15 minutes yesterday playing Prodigy?  Lots of you have been achieving amazing scores - well done!  Do try to play every day to revise our key Numeracy skills.