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P6 Numeracy 27th January

Fractions of an amount Lesson 3

Learn how to find a fraction of an amount when the numerator is greater than one e.g. 3/4

Warm-up activity

Let's begin today by practising our multiplication skills.  Download today's "Speed Tables" worksheet, set a timer and see how quickly you can fill in the answers. 

Try to complete as much of the grid as you can without any help.  If there are certain tables which you find more difficult, use the "Multiplication Tables Factsheet" to help you and remember to spend some time revising these tables at home please.

Main activity

Last week we started looking at fractions of an amount.  Watch today's video to revise last week's learning and find out how to complete today's tasks.


For Task A, we are going to find the difference between two fractions of amounts

e.g. in question 1,

12 ÷ 4 = 3           15 ÷ 3 = 5         The difference between 5 and 3 is 2


Download Task A below (please note that there are two tasks on the same page to save paper - Task A and Task C.  These tasks are for everyone to complete.)

In Task B, we are going to practise finding a fraction of an amount where the numerator is more than one

e.g. to find ¾ of 24, we begin by dividing by the denominator 

       24 ÷ 4 = 6

       then we multiply the answer by the numerator

       6 X 3 = 18

       so ¾ of 24 = 18


Watch the video to see more examples and then download Task B for your level.  The answers (which show the working-out) can also be downloaded.


Task C is our extension task.  Read carefully through the three word problems, do your working-out and try to solve each problem.  Remember, Task C is on the same page as Task A so you don't need to print this page twice!

Reasoning activity

For today's reasoning challenge, can you spot the mistakes in some multiplication calculations and then work out the missing digits?

Prodigy Maths

When you log in to Prodigy today, you'll find some time questions have been added.  Keep up the amazing work, P6, we are very proud of you all!