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P6 Numeracy 28th January

Finding all possibilities Lesson 1

Can you find all the possible answers to our problem solving challenges? Today we are going to learn how to create an organised list.

Warm-up activity

Today's warm-up is all about dividing!  Watch today's video and then download the Division Super Grid to practise dividing by a single digit.  Be careful - some of your answers will have remainders!

Main activity

For today's main activity, we are going to do some problem solving!


Before we begin, it would be a good idea to gather up a selection of coins so go and have a look for some 1ps, 2ps, 5ps, 10ps, 20ps and 50ps.  You won't need any £1 or £2 coins today.  You'll also need a scrap page to jot down the answers to the first challenge.


As we work through our activities, you'll need to pause the video in certain places to do a task and then return to the video once you've completed that task.


For our first challenge, we are going to make 30p using silver coins only (5ps, 10ps, 20ps).  How many different ways can you make 30p using only these coins?  Jot down the different ways on a piece of paper (try to find as many different ways as possible) and then rejoin the video where Mrs Bell will show you how to organise your answers by creating an organised list.


Continue watching the video to find out about our second challenge.

You'll then pause the video, download the "80p challenge 28-1-21 - all levels" and see if you can work out which teacher is correct!

Then watch the final section of the video where Mrs Bell will go through all the possible answers and then organise these answers.

Reasoning activity

Today's reasoning challenge is all about multiplication.  Can you work out the missing digits in each question?  There may be more than one possible answer.

PlayLive Maths!

Lots of you have been competing to get your name on our PlayLive Words leaderboard this week but have you also had a go at the PlayLive Maths challenges?

Why don't you log in to EducationCity and challenge yourself?  If you get a great score, you might even earn a place on the national leaderboard!


If you've forgotten your username and password for EducationCity, please email your teacher.