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P6 Numeracy 2nd February

Area Lesson 2

Challenge yourself to complete an area table and then how many different rectangles can you draw with the area 24cm squared?

Warm-up activity

Let's begin today by practising our multiplication skills with some more emojis!   

Download the "Emoji Multiplication Mosaic warm-up 2-2-21", solve the multiplication problems and then colour your answers according to the key!


heart surprise smiley blush Which emoji will you have created by the end? cool crying wink angry

Main activity

Today we are going to continue with our work on finding the area of a square or rectangle.  We love watching Maths Mansion in school so start by watching this episode which will help you to revise yesterday's learning!

Maths Mansion - Six Flat Worms ( working out area of a rectangle)

Watch this episode to revise yesterday's lesson about area!

So what have we learned so far?

  • Area measures the amount of surface covered by a shape.
  • We measure area in squares.  For smaller shapes, we usually use square centimetres (cm²) but for larger shapes e.g. a garden, we may use square metres (m²) or even square kilometres (km²).
  • To find the area of a rectangle or square, we can multiply the length by the breadth e.g. if a rectangle measures 5cm by 9cm, its area will be 45cm² because 5 X 9 =45.
Watch today's video where Mrs Bell shows you how to complete an area table.  Then download one of the two levels below and complete the table by adding the missing length, breadth or area.  If you need to do any working-out, use the space at the side of the page to do your calculations.

Extension activity

Use your knowledge of multiplication tables to help you tackle this area challenge! 

On a squared page, how many different rectangles can you draw with an area of 24 squares?  Download the "Different rectangles same area challenge 2-1-21" and have a go!

Reasoning challenge!

Complete each calculation by filling in the missing digits.

Don't forget to take a photograph of some of today's activities and email it to your teacher please!  We would love to see how well you are doing!

PlayLive Maths!

Log in to Education City to finish today's Maths and try some of our PlayLive challenges!  Can you get onto the Brooklands leaderboard for this week?  Good luck!