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P6 Numeracy 2nd March

Decimals - hundredths Lesson 2

Today we learn about the relationship between decimals and length and money

Warm-up activity

This week's focus is on word problems.  In term one, we practised using RUCSAC when answering word problems.

Today's word problems are all either multiplication or division questions.  Download the task below, do your working out and then don't forget to do the inverse calculation to check your answer.

Main activity

Today we are going to look once again at decimals and we are focussing on hundredths.


Once you've watched today's video, log in to Education City and use the Wheelie Good Learn Screen and Activity to revise last week's work on hundredths.

Then get a pencil and some colouring pencils, download the "Decimals hundredths 2-3-21 part one" activity and do your best to answer the questions.  Don't forget to read the questions carefully!


For part two, we are thinking about real life examples of when we would use hundredths and focussing on length (metres) and money (pounds).


In length, 1cm is one hundredth of a metre because it takes 100cm to make a full metre.


If a piece of wood measures 2m 15cm, I could say it is 2.15m long because I have 2 full metres and 15 hundredths of the next metre.


If a ladder is 3m 90cm tall, I could say it is 3.90m tall because it measures 3 full metres and 90 hundredths of the next metre.


In money, a 1p coin is one hundredth of £1 because it takes 100 1ps to make £1.


If I have £3.75, that is the same as £3 and 75 hundredths of the next pound.


Download part two and practise converting length and money into decimal fractions.

Reasoning activity

Today's reasoning activity is all about shapes and angles.  Don't forget to talk about your answers and explain your thinking to an adult please.

Time for some fun!

Why don't you finish with a game of "Snowball Smash"?  Choose your objective and get firing those snowballs!