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P6 Numeracy 4th February

Decimals - tenths Lesson 1

Join Mrs Bell as we learn about the relationship between fractions and decimals and begin looking at tenths.

Warm-up activity

Today's warm-up features a Cross-Number!  A Cross-Number is a bit like a crossword except that we use numbers not words to complete it!

Work out the answers to each of the clues and then write them into the correct place in the puzzle.  You'll be able to do some of the calculations in your head and there is plenty of space around the side of the page for you to do your working-out if you need to do a written calculation.

Main activity

Today we are going to begin learning about decimals!  The decimals that we are looking at today are called tenths and they are simply another way of writing a fraction that would have tenths as the denominator e.g.


Watch today's video where Mrs Bell will introduce you to decimals and then have a go at the activities below.  You'll need to use your colouring pencils for some sections but, if you don't have the exact colour, just use a different colour instead!

Reasoning challenge!

Today's reasoning challenge is all about fractions!