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P6 Numeracy 5th February

Finding all possibilities Lesson 2

Can you find all the possible answers in our abacus challenge?

Warm-up challenge!

It's time to revise the four rules of number - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Download the "Mixed bag Maths warm-up" and do your best to complete these calculations.  If you've forgotten how to do long multiplication, click here to watch Mrs Bell's revision video.  Use the multiplication and division factsheets if you need some extra help.

Main activity

Think back to last Thursday (28th January) where we began looking at problem solving.  Last week's task involved using less than seven coins to make exactly 80p and we tried to work in an organised manner so that we could find all the possible answers.  If you missed last Thursday's lesson, it would be a good idea to watch the video that accompanied it


Today we are going to use an abacus and add three beads.  How many different numbers can Susan make by adding these three beads?  Watch today's video to see how Mrs Bell does her working out and then download one of the two levels.  Do your best to find all the possible answers - this will be easier if you work systematically!  The answers are also available to download!

Extension question (for those who are feeling very brave!)

Susan then decides to use four beads and wants to know how many even numbers she can make.  Can you help her to work out the answer?

Reasoning challenge!

Today's reasoning challenge is again all about fractions!

Education City or Prodigy or both?!

Let's finish off this week's Maths with some games!

Will you head to the Prodigy website to tackle some of their challenges?


Or can you finish the week with your name on one of Education City's Play Live leaderboards?


Or... you could try both!!!  Good luck!