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P6 Numeracy 5th March

It's Chilli Challenge Day!

How brave are you feeling today, P6?! Will you choose the mild, medium or super-spicy challenge?

Warm-up activity

This week's focus is on word problems.  In term one, we practised using RUCSAC when answering word problems.

Today's word problems are all two step questions.  This means that there are two separate parts to each question so you'll need to work out what to do first and then think about the second stage which will give you your final answer.  Download the task below and, when completing the worksheet, please show both parts of your working out.

Main activity

I wonder who is brave enough to take on our Chilli Challenge!

Today we would like you to choose one of our Chilli Challenge tasks.  There are three separate chilli levels of heat - Mild, Medium and then Super Spicy so how hot are you prepared to go?


There are four separate sections labelled A, B, C and D within each level and, no matter which level you choose, section C is a challenge section.  Do your best, P6!

Reasoning activity

Take a look at the following graphs which have been drawn to represent the given data.

In the Feedback space, mark the children's work.  Is the graph clear?  Is it easy to understand the results?  How could they improve each graph?  Talk about your answers with someone at home.

EducationCity or Prodigy or both?!

How will you finish today's Maths activities?

Will you head to the Prodigy website to practise your skills across the whole Maths curriculum while earning lots of rewards?


Or will it be Education City's Play Live activities that grab your attention today?  See if you can get your name onto one of this week's leaderboards!  At the moment, Alfie G leads the way in both addition and subtraction, Ashley B holds the top spot in multiplication and it's Anna A who heads the division leaderboard!


Or... why not try both!