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P6 Numeracy 7th January

"Fabulous Films" Carroll diagrams lesson

Today we are practising sorting for two or three criteria using a Carroll diagram.

Mental Maths warm-up

It's time to warm-up our Maths brains! 


Download the Division Wheels activity and see how quickly you can complete it!  Try to do as many questions as you can without looking at a copy of your division facts.  If there are certain questions that are harder than others, please spend some time revising these tables.


Main activity

Today we are going to look at Handling Data and revise Carroll diagrams.   Begin by watching today's video and then choose one of the two challenges below.


If you choose the Lower Level challenge, you will be sorting for two criteria.  Download the "Fabulous Films database" and the "Fabulous Films Carroll diagram lower level challenge".


If you choose the Higher Level challenge, you will be sorting for three criteria.  Download the "Fabulous Films database" and the "Fabulous Films Carroll diagram higher level challenge".


Don't forget...

  • When sorting the directors by their surnames, this will be much easier if you write out the alphabet at the bottom of the page and then split it into two equal sections.
  • There are 26 letters in the alphabet so the first half is from a to m and the second half is from n to z.
  • In this activity, it's good to talk about why you are writing each answer in a particular section e.g. I am writing Toy Story in this section because the director's surname begins with ___ and the film is ___ minutes long.

Reasoning activity

To finish today's lesson, have a go at our reasoning challenge!  We are thinking about money today.