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P6 Numeracy 8th February

Decimals- tenths Lesson 2

Today we are learning about the relationship between units and tenths

Warm-up activity

Today's warm-up has two sections.  In the first part, we are finding fractions of different amounts.  Don't forget to divide by the denominator!  Then circle the larger answer.

In part two, work out what is happening in each of the number sequences and then fill in the next four numbers in each sequence.  Try to do the working-out in your head if possible but, if necessary, write out your calculations or use a 100-square to help you.

Main activity

Today we are continuing to think about decimals.  If you missed last week's introductory lesson, please begin by watching this video where Mrs Bell introduces us to tenths.


In today's video, we learn more about the relationship between units and tenths and look at different ways in which we can represent the same number e.g.

  • 0.9 = 0 units and 9 tenths = 9 tenths
  • 3.7 = 3 units and 7 tenths = 37 tenths
  • 12.5 = 12 units and 5 tenths = 125 tenths

After watching the video, download "Decimals units and tenths part one" and use your colouring pencils to shade the given decimal fraction of each shape.

Then download "Decimals units and tenths part two" and use the decimal number lines to help you complete the written activities.

The answers for both part one and part two can also be downloaded.

Reasoning challenge!

Today's reasoning challenge is again all about fractions!

Prodigy Maths

Have you visited the Prodigy website yet?  Lots of you have been making fantastic progress - well done!

Home | Prodigy Education (

If you haven't started yet, go back to our P6 Home Learning page to find all the details about usernames and passwords and then why don't you begin playing Prodigy today?  Prodigy is great fun and a super way to revise your Maths facts.  It works out what level you are at in Maths and gives you questions set at your level.