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P6 Numeracy 8th March

Decimals - hundredths Lesson 4

Today we are adding both horizontally and vertically using hundredths

Warm-up activity

Today we are revising long multiplication.  Watch today's video where Mrs Bell reminds you how to complete each calculation and then have a go at the remaining questions.  If you find your tables difficult, use the factsheet to help you where necessary but do try to do as much as you can on your own please.

Main activity

Last week we were learning about decimal fractions and thinking about hundredths where we have two numbers after the decimal point.  In real life, we use hundredths every day when we are using money e.g. £2.75 means 2 full pounds and 75 hundredths of the next pound.


As we have already learned, ten hundredths is equivalent to one tenth so if I was looking at the decimal fraction 3.5 (three and five tenths), I could also write it as 3.50 (3 and 50 hundredths).  In the same way,

  • 1.9 = 1.90
  • 12.7 = 12.70
  • 43.8 = 43.80


Today we are going to begin using hundredths in our addition calculations.  Watch today's video where we begin by adding mentally and then move on to adding larger numbers vertically.  Then download the activity below and do your best to complete the calculations.  If you need some help with adding, please use the 100 square.  Don't forget to keep the decimal points in a straight line when adding vertically and remember to include the decimal point in each answer please!

Extension activity

Challenge yourself to solve these chilli challenge questions!  Choose your level and don't forget to read the question carefully please!

Reasoning activity

These questions are similar but they are not exactly the same!  Read them carefully and discuss the similarities and differences with an adult at home please.