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P6 Numeracy 9th February

Decimals - tenths Lesson 3

Let's revise the relationship between units and tenths and then learn how to add our decimal fractions

Warm-up activity

Let's practise our multiplication facts with today's mosaic activity.  Work out the answers to these questions and then colour each square according to the answer key.  Which character will you have built once you've finished?


Main activity

Today we are continuing with our work on decimals.  If you've missed either of the lessons so far, please begin by taking a look at Lesson 1 from last Thursday and Lesson 2 from yesterday.


For today's lesson we are going to look again at the relationship between units and tenths, practise putting decimals in order from smallest to largest and then begin to do some calculations.   Watch today's video and then have a go at today's activities.

Reasoning activity

To extend your learning, have a go at today's reasoning challenge!

Some fun to finish!

How quickly can you knock down the coconuts?  You'll need to hit them in order from smallest to largest to win this game!  Select the game that says "Up to 10 (1dp)" to practise ordering decimal fractions.  Click on one of the pictures above to head to the Topmarks site.