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P6 other activities 26th January

The beard brush thief !!

Still image for this video


Now I am an expert in pretty much all things, as you all know, and especially in the subject of History - No it's not because I am soooooooooo old and remember lots of things happening from the very time!!! It's because I am a genius (and really handsome) BUT I did not know about Viking 'Modern Men' and how particular they were about maintaining good hygiene!


Watch the video link that is located down below to find out more about the Vikings and how seriously they took their grooming! Do you think they did this just to look lovely or might there have been a much more important reason?! Why was it very important for the Vikings to keep nice and clean? What problems could have resulted in not ensuring upon the best standards of hygiene that possibly could?


For this afternoon's activity I would like you to draw two pictures ... one of a Viking looking a little bedraggled and a bit muddy and another of a Viking that looks very similar to the Viking in the video. Perhaps one could have their sword in their hand and the other have a comb! 


Send your pictures to your lovely teachers ... who are of course very like the Vikings themselves!!! Well, in the good standards of cleanliness way!!! Even big hairy Mr Massy!!!