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P6 other activities 10th March

Science Week

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I hope you all don't mind too much that I have selected today's activity for British Science Week based largely on an activity that I would like to do!!! The activity today is mostly based on the premise of ... Do you believe everything that you read?!!!! I guess it might also have to do with thinking about conspiracy theories to a degree!!! .... Did astronauts really land on the moon!?! I am not telling you what I believe as I always want you to think for yourself and not just believe that what your wonderful, good-looking and muscley teachers tell you is always right!!!


If you click on the link below you will be directed to the main British Science Week activity pack. There are lots of different investigations and experiments that you can do ... almost too many to choose from! I would like you to scroll on down until you get to page 29. Read through what you have to do and then go ahead and give it a good bash! Also feel free to have a go at any of the other assignments if you wish! 


I think that this could be a very interesting lesson indeed! It may well cement some things that you already knew to be true or possibly disprove theories that you were sure were true! I was sure Liverpool were the best team in the world ... I think that may have been disproved!!!


Be sure to record the work that you do and send it to your teachers. You can of course send a written report or an oral report. I have loved some of the mini-projects that I have been sent by some pupils - keep sending them to your teacher! You are making yourself smarter than your teacher!!!