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P6 other activities 11th February

Capital cities

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I need a hero! I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of this lesson! They don't gotta be big and don't gotta be strong - but they have to be ready to become the 'Countries and Capitals' champion!


I am already brill at this game - like I am at most things! I remember playing it with my Mum when I was your age! You have to be able to name a country and then match it to its capital city or vice versa! I also challenge you to name an 'obscure' country and see if I know the associated capital  - I promise I won't use Google!


Here are a couple of questions to start you off ... What is the capital city of where I was born? What is the capital of where Mr Coetzee was born? And What is the capital city of where Mrs Bell was born? ... You gotta get that one right!!!


Click on the link below and see how many countries and capitals you can match up! It would also be great if you could divide a page into sections and draw that countries flag on one side and write the capital city answer on the reverse! In this way you could almost invent/create your own game!