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P6 other activities 11th January

Monday's PE lesson!


If, like the P6 teachers, you have eaten way too much chocolate and mince pies and crisps and sausage rolls and everything else over the last few weeks, then perhaps it's time for us all to start doing some exercise!


Starting today, why don't you get up off the sofa (or your gaming chair) and let's learn a hip hop dance routine!  Practise your moves over the next few days and perhaps you'll be brave enough to email a video of your dance to your teacher at the end of the week!

Easy Dance Routine - (Hip Hop Dance Tutorial AGES 7+) | MihranTV


Welcome to your afternoon activity for Monday everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to pay homage to our current 'Hospital Heroes' by learning a little bit about Florence Nightingale. I know you may well have learnt about this wonderful lady when you when in P3 so you might already have a super prior knowledge - or perhaps you can refresh your memory.


Watch the video below then go and tell someone in your house how brave Florence and her nurses were. Maybe even ring an older relative to tell them about what you have watched. They might be able to tell you some extra facts about Florence. Perhaps you could watch the video again and then try to record some facts. I think if you wrote down 6 facts you would be doing cracker, if you got 8 you would be going a dinger and if you managed to record 10 from memory then that would be absolutely beezer!!! 


If you would like to be a full-on legend you could send your teacher a video recording of yourself reciting some of the facts that you think were very important and giving your personal opinion on Florence Nightingale. I would love to see these! ... And get your Mum or Dad to be in your video too telling us what they think!


I hope you will find this activity to be interesting and informative! Here's to Florence and here's to the modern day Florences!!!