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P6 other activities 11th March


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Right my people ... How do I go about teaching you what I am about to teach you?!!!! Well.... I am about to teach you that sometimes it is ok to lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now by lie I mean a wee white lie! And by that I mean a wee white lie for a very good reason! It is always important to tell the truth but on very rare occasions it is ok not to! What do I mean by that? Well these are some of the examples I can think of ... 1. Pretend you haven't got a present for someone when it is their birthday - but you really do! 2. Tell Mr Massey that everything will be ok with Liverpool FC and they will soon start winning again! 3. Tell your Mum that you have some hard sums to do when really you are going to make her a Mother's Day card!!!! ... And that is exactly what I would like you to do this afternoon! But don't let her know! Because it is Mother's Day on Sunday and there is nothing a Mum likes more on Mother's Day than a self made card ... Oh and breakfast in bed!!!


Have a look at the link below. I has some very good ideas for cards that you could make for your Mum. Now I know you might not have all the resources that you need to make all of these cards but if you can get your hands on some paper or maybe ask an adult (not your Mum) if they have any card then you are good to go! Check your recycling box as well to see if there might be anything there you could use! The most important thing will be that you have made a great effort - your Mum will love that.